EFITAM is a highly modern company specialized in the development of all forms of various metals for structural use, including aircraft fuselage, onboard electronic casings as well as equipment support which must pass vibration testing.

EFITAM works closely with the customer to develop the right product ; advising on the best technological solution, helping to optimize the design whether with sheet metal shaping, machining, surface treatment or assembly.

EFITAM remains in touch with the customer throughout the whole product life cycle :  start from materials and technological processes selection, thought prototypes design and testing till final product manufacture. EFITAM advises also its customers various solutions to generate costs savings and production capacity increase. Supply with spare parts for already in use products is another way how EFITAM maintains its client relationships.

EFITAM products are manufactured in France, by a firm that specializes in processing material by its expert use of modern tools and machinery :
– Design and calculation – Catia V5 and Solidworks
– machining and 5 laser axes
– digital Control Folding Machine
– d
igital Control Bending Machine
– robotic TIG welding
– chemical processing

Lean organization throughout all production lines permit EFITAM to optimize its production cycles and deliver the final products to its clients JUST IN TIME.
EFITAM has a wide network of industrial partners, ready to share their expertise and their high technologies according to EFITAM’s request.

Its catalog counts around 14. 000 references (assemblies and subassemblies) manufactured from the whole range of materials. Production batches could go from 1 to 1000 pieces, in accordance with final client needs.

EFITAM’s policy in terms of personnel management is to favour long-term employment so as to encourage employees commitment in enterprise and in their key functions.

EFITAM has established a Quality Policy based on the highest standards : ISO 9001, EN9100, EADS and DASSAULT Aviation authorizations, Nuclear Authorization, NADCAP…

Welcome to a world where we meet high standard requirements and master technological complexity.