Welcome to EFITAM’s website.
EFITAM is located in a modern 5500 sq. metre building in the Rhône valley, in proximity with logistics hubs and TGV train station.

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EFITAM, due to its know- how in  precision engeneering,  designs and manufactures mainly metallic components and subassemblies for high-tech industries

  • aeronautics
  • space industry

EFITAM employs over 200 people dedicated to making our company focused on all advanced metal-based technologies.
EFITAM is EN9100, ISO 9100-certified company handling a large range of customer-approved processes.

EFITAM provides one of the most attractive offer in thin sheet metal work, metal cutting and forming and machined parts constituting metal subassemblies for aircrafts : fuselage components, welded tubular parts, piping work, electric and electronic housings.

EFITAM keeps improving its know-how as well as workers’ skills. Every year we add a couple of new manufacturing processes. An 8-axis lathe / mill combo machine and pipe bending equipment were added to our list of services in 2014. In 2015, we added manufacturing of class-1 parts as well as a 5-axis laser cutting / welding equipment. In 2016, a 3.5m long capacity light alloys furnace has been added and AMS type certified.
EFITAM focuses on its ability to integrate outsourced parts and components. Partnership is developed to produce subassemblies made from composites.
EFITAM implemented Lean Manufacturing to match on going demand for change from its customers.

Beauchastel facility: 6000 sqm
La Voulte facility: 4200 sqm with a potential of over 10.000 sqm.

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